embryo The stage of prebirth development from the 15th day after CONCEPTION to 8 weeks of gesta-tional age. The embryo arises from the three germ layers of the ZYGOTE:

•   The ectoderm is the outermost layer. It is the foundation for the SKIN and mucous membranes, the TEETH, and the structures of the nervous system.

•   The mesoderm is the middle layer. It is the foundation for the organs and structures of the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, pulmonary,

gastrointestinal, urinary, and reproductive systems.

• The endoderm is the innermost layer. It is the foundation for the tissues that line the inside of the gastrointestinal, urinary, pulmonary, and reproductive organs and structures.

These layers differentiate into their respective structures and organs during the embryonic stage. When this differentiation is complete, the developing life becomes a FETUS.

For further discussion of the embryo within the context of the structures and functions of reproduction and sexuality, please see the overview section "The Reproductive System."


Devil Embryo – Physician Who titles

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Knowing Embryo Donation and also Ownership

… Immediately thereafter, male fertility specialists discovered methods to freeze and also shop embryos. Prior to too much time, physicians began offering contributed embryos…

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Our Embryo 8 Weeks After Conceiving

The particular embryonic time period, is seen as a result in many major body techniques. [Clip from “The Biology of Prenatal Development” DVD. For more information visit www.ehd.org ]

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… UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Santa Barbara scientists have discovered a method to change cells within embryos in the breakthrough that can help researchers grow laboratory parts of the body to change hearts and minds, kidneys in addition to other organs broken by disease or perhaps injury. Focusing on a tiny









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