Tympanic Membrane

tympanic membrane A thin piece of tissue that stretches across the base of the auditory canal (EAR canal). The tympanic membrane, commonly called the eardrum, vibrates in response to sound waves that reach it by traveling from the outer ear through the auditory canal. The vibrations amplify the sound waves, which activate the auditory ossicles, tiny bones in the middle ear, to set in motion the cascade of events that results in NERVE signals traveling to the BRAIN.

The tympanic membrane is vulnerable to perforation, commonly called RUPTURED EARDRUM. Perforation may occur as a result of injury, such as penetration of an object or from a sharp blow to the outer ear, or spontaneously. Fluid accumulation in the middle ear behind the tympanic membrane, usually the consequence of INFECTION, is the most common cause of spontaneous perforation. Spontaneous perforation generally heals without intervention. Traumatic perforation may require surgical repair (TYMPANOPLASTY).

In addition to amplifying and transferring sound waves, the tympanic membrane protects the middle and inner ear from bacteria and debris. A perforated eardrum exposes the delicate structures behind it to possible infection and other damage. Repeated spontaneous perforation due to chronic OTITIS media (middle ear infection) can permanently scar the tympanic membrane, restricting its ability to vibrate. The otolaryngolo-gist may insert a small tube through the tympanic membrane to allow collected fluid to drain (MYRINGOTOMY) as a preventive measure in children who have chronic ear infections.


The actual Subtle Art of Conversation

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The person and also The Excavators

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Pete : Most likely only the ING physician can give you a legitimate answer. The ruptured ear drum is really a thin membrane that will not heal too or as soon as pores and skin. Watts

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Perforation from the tympanic membrane (eardrum) can happen from concussive power (explosion), pressure (diving below water), or hole (putting a sharp object we

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The only method ear war might get in to the center ear is if a person punctured a hole with the tympanic membrane together with your Q suggestion.

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The tympanoplasty is indicated for many eardrums which have the perforation. You can find exclusions, such as not working on the better hearing hearing, if the sufferer

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